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Casey Stengel Field, Glendale, CA

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Save Stengel

The historic landmark, Stengel Field, suffered significant water damage to the stadium, which was condemned in 2011 and later demolished in 2015. The stadium was built in the 40’s and now is replaced by temporary aluminum bleachers with no more locker rooms or offices that were once part of this iconic ball field.  We need your help and support to rebuild and restore this great American Ballpark, to continue the legacy of Casey Stengel and to once again fill the stands of Stengel Field.

About Stengel Field

Stengel Field has been a staple in the community of Glendale and the foothills since 1949. The field was named after famous Glendale resident, Casey Stengel, who frequented the ballpark. Stengel was a former Major League player and is best known for his career as coach of the New York Yankees. Stengel is tied for most World Series wins as a manager. Currently Stengel Field is used by Glendale Community College, Crescenta Valley High School, and several youth teams.

A Summer with Uncle Casey

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Uncle Casey? When Casey Stengel was putting his mark on all four New York baseball teams, he came off as many things. I have to admit I never thought of him as anybody’s uncle. When he was managing old DiMaggio and young Mantle in 1951, he might have seemed like a lion tamer or a juggler but not an uncle. When he was creating the Amazin’ Mets in 1962, he may have seemed like a street magician but not exactly an uncle.
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