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The Family of Casey Stengel

is honored to bring life back into the person that we loved and were loved by. Uncle Casey and Aunt Edna were so much a part of our lives from the time we were born until their deaths. We have experiences provided by them that have shaped the people we have become, and acknowledge that Casey and Edna gave not only to us but to their entire community. We want to share that treasure with all of you, for it is an amazing gift.

Casey was a great collector of memorabilia. It was his dream to develop a museum. This did not happen as the interest in memorabilia and museums was not popular in the 60’s. As the years went on and his life became more distant, his dream never died. And now Casey’s time has arrived, we need him and his life’s story for this and future generations.

Greatest Character of the Game

Edna and Casey Stengel

had no children of their own; neither did the rest of Casey’s family. And so the nieces and nephew of Edna Lawson Stengel were treated like their very own children.  This was not hard as the entire family lived in Glendale, California, and in many cases just a few blocks away. (If you wanted to run away and have cinnamon toast with Aunt Edna or have Uncle Casey teach you how to sign a baseball, you could walk there.) Their home was the gathering spot for many of the family dinners and events. As that generation had children, those grand nieces and grand nephews were the cherished “grandchildren”.

Toni Mollett, Casey Stengel’s grand-niece, established The Casey Stengel Baseball Center as a nonprofit in 2007 to serve as a sports based educator in team building, health, and journalism. After visiting The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center, Toni realized where her Uncle Casey was going with his collection of memorabilia. She committed herself to fulfilling Casey’s dream. She further envisions a play or film and an annual award to immortalize Casey Stengel. Casey’s life and accomplishments create a legacy that should be utilized and enjoyed now and for future generations.

A Board of Directors now have been elected and add their unique perspectives and baseball experience to create a vital Baseball Center that is well positioned to accomplish Casey’s Dream and then some.

Casey Stengel Baseball Center Board of Directors:

  • Toni Harsh
  • Patrick N. Namanny, Esq.
  • Danielle Harsh Stiritz
  • Marty Appel
  • Bob Case